Home Decorating Without the Stress: Effective Planning

There are many layers to decorating a home. It is very easy to get lost in the process, get off track or even stray from your budget. One of the biggest factors in a successful decorating job is effective planning. When planning a decorating or home design plan, it is important to consider, the space being decorating, how the space will be used and the materials on hand.

Analyzing the Space

Before a space can be designed, it is important to consider how the space is designed. A room with cathedral ceiling will not require the same design as a room with lower ceilings. When designing, consider ways to play on the architecture of the space. For example, if a room has several windows, there will be a great amount of natural light. This should definitely be a consideration when planning lighting design. Planning design that compliments the space will make the project easier and provide optimal results. Putting the plan on paper ensures no stone goes unturned.


How will the space be used? Will the space be used for entertaining or simply relaxation? The use of the space being decorated is a huge factor in designing a space. If designing a kitchen, functional lighting will have a HUGE role in daily operations. When designing the space, decorators would be sure to place sufficient lighting to allow home owners to complete the desired task. In addition to lighting, space should also be considered. When placing furniture in rooms with high traffic, be sure to allow ample space for traffic to flow.

Considering Your Materials

One of the biggest expenses in a home decorating project is materials. This is why it is important to consider materials when developing a design plan. If there is any way to incorporate current furniture, the decorator should see a huge savings. In addition to taking inventory on current possessions, it is important to also consider the cost of materials that are required to create the desired look. Depending on your budget, some items may have to substituted or eliminated in order to stay within the budget. Often people forget the “small things” that help put finishing touches on a project. Taking inventory on current materials should also prove helpful when determining any loose ends in your design.

It is very possible to successfully plan attractive home d├ęcor without lots of stress. The key to an effective home decorating plan is proper planning. In times when technology tries to automate everything, this process should not be automated. Decorators or planners should take their time to properly analyze their space, their needs and their materials. When this is the case, it is very likely that the home decorating process will be a success.