Home Decorating: Sources of Our Personal Style

What are the sources of our personal style in home decor? They are as unique as we are and can originate from anywhere including the environment we grew up in to our experiences from childhood into adulthood. To inspire a novel home decor style that will turn our living space into a home of comfortable surroundings suited to our particular tastes we need to tap into the personal wellspring of our interests. As an example, let me highlight where my home decorating interests came from.

My first source was the rustic antiques in the country farm home I grew up in. Being surrounded by fashionable home furnishings is something I got used to and try to copy.

The unique wall sconces and candle lanterns in particular fascinated me and still do. There was electric wall sconces to illuminate staircases and hallways plus several unique wall sconces strategically placed for use when the power went out. One was crafted of wood to contain a tapered candle in front of a mirror. Another was an antique (detachable) lantern complete oil reservoir and the wick behind which was a polished metal plate for projecting the light.

A second source is my hobby of reading history and fantasy literature including Tolkien and Robert Jordan. Robert Jordan, in particular, specialized in such a descriptive style that he could paint a picture in the reader’s imagination of a room’s decor, complete with vibrant colors.

Since most series occur within a medieval setting without electricity, wall sconces and candle lanterns were essential for providing light in the usual places for fantasy literature: castles, keeps, strongholds and palaces. In addition, they often played a significant role in setting up the mood of a scene. Today, wall sconces and candle lanterns can do so much to heighten or create a particular ambiance you are looking for within your home.

The same can be said for shabby decor. I’m aware that distressed finished furniture, cabinets, shelves, mirrors and other accents provide an appearance of age; it is an illusion that I am willing to cultivate to breathe a sense of history into my home decorating. In my imagination this is a small way of being able to visually connect with the generations of the past by investing in this style of unique accent furniture.

If you are searching for home decorating ideas start your search within yourself. Identify your particular interests by trusting your intuition and follow your heart in the search to make an outward home decorating statement that reflects your inner self. Decorating to satisfy another’s taste won’t lead to happiness. Have fun in your quest to surround yourself with the home decor that’s just right for you. Peace of mind and comfort will be your elixir to the daily trials of the world outside.

Using Home Decorating to Relieve Daily Tensions and Stresses

Everyone needs a way to escape reality and to release negative emotions and tensions that we harbor in our daily lives. Some people choose to exercise, others choose to read and write, and some choose to shop or socialize. However, one over-looked cathartic hobby is home decorating. Home decorating does not need to be costly, it just needs to be intrinsically rewarding. Improving your personal environment will enable you to come home and deservingly relax instead of returning to the nest to endure more daily stresses.

Home decorating should not be a bullet point on a never-ending list of tasks and projects to complete. It should provide you with a way to direct your energies into something both productive and enjoyable. Start simply by adding some uniquely designed bathroom accessories to your bathroom. Infusing neutral colors into your bathroom can create a soothing and calming atmosphere, while brighter colors will certainly elevate both your mood and the aesthetics of your private space. Introducing accent rugs can do wonders for enhancing the look of your bathroom. Adding a matching shower curtain can also help to promote a more natural theme within your bathroom.

For a larger project, transform your kitchen into the artistic space that you deserve. Often viewed as a place where daily, monotonous chores occur, your kitchen actually offers much more. It boasts a space to flirt with and explore your creativity. It should be an area that you look forward to visiting rather than a space that you try to avoid. Infusing simple yet practical touches like coffee mug trees, breadboxes, matching pot holders, oven mitts, and chair pads, and other unique kitchen accessories can help to enhance your atmosphere. Decorating it with a country-themed wall clock or pieces of themed art can add whimsical and playful touches to your kitchen.

Transforming your bedroom into a personal retreat will also help to reduce daily stresses. Seeking a comforter set with matching window curtains and valance will help to tie the look of your bedroom together while also affording the overall theme the opportunity of flowing naturally. Adorning your bed with throw pillows and a variety of comfortable linens and blankets can further accentuate the warmth and comfort of your nest. Accessorizing your sanctuary with scented candles and appropriate mood lighting would help to enhance the atmosphere of your bedroom while simultaneously soothing your mind, body, and soul.

Decorating your home can be an extremely rewarding experience. While there are inevitably costs involved, they can be quite minimal. As long as you have a vision of the outcome of your efforts, then you’ll be able to moderate your spending, plan accordingly, and enjoy your project. Many of us spend our lives dreaming of what we want or wish we had. Why do this when you can put your dream into action? Home decorating will benefit both your environment and yourself – coming home to a place that welcomes you upon opening your front door is something that we all deserve.

Home Decor Tips You Should Use For Easy Revamping

With every passing year, the interior designers bring in new decor trends, and 2016 is not any different. With advancements in every field, interior design has probably not been left behind. As we all know, changing your entire household decor after a year is a cumbersome process and one that is not always affordable for everyone. So how do you keep your interior decoration up to date without putting a hole in your bank account? But let’s get back to the topic at hand, and that is, what are the changes in the home decor trends.

The Kitchen

A kitchen’s look is made through its cabinets and cupboards. So following the trends, you should aim for contrasting hues and colours. Instead of opting for a single colour theme, go for two shades. Also, when it comes to the appliances, the look has changed from the typical white coloured, metallic look. Nowadays, you can go for a more shaded, steely appearance if you are trying to follow the trends. It adds a refined, yet more colourful look to the kitchen.

Also, if you’re thinking about renovating your entire kitchen, you might want to go with some extra drawers. Deep drawers are favourite nowadays, and they seem to be added everywhere. You just can’t seem to have too many of them.

The Living Room

It seems that people are gravitating towards the idea of actually using the living room for what they were named for, living! Avoiding the use of technology, living rooms are now to be used for family bonding and spending quality time with your loved ones, instead of just using your phones and gadgets in there with no family interaction ever happening.

The minimalist approach has gone out the window and so last year. You’re looking at entirely decorated living rooms; nothing left bare. Lots of furniture, lots of decoration items, art on the walls and you’ve got yourself a living room right out of the decor magazines you read daily.

Also, since you will be using your living room for more family activities than just sitting on couches, designers are using more durable, outdoor fabrics for indoor furniture, rather than sticking to the old structures.

The Washroom

Designers have started incorporating new ideas into washrooms as well. Separate toilet bidets are now becoming increasingly common. Another thing that has become very popular is large bathroom mirrors that stand out. Wallpapers in washrooms with bold patterns and colours give a very glamorous look. Big ornaments on the walls that stand out are entirely in.

Let’s hope that these pointers help you upgrade your household while still managing to stay on a strict budget.