Green Your Home With Sustainable Home Decor Online Products

Due to energy usage for temperature control purposes and the materials used in home furnishings, households can have considerable negative environmental impact. With the severity of global warming’s effect on weather conditions, there is an urgent need for all to reduce their home’s carbon footprint. It takes both dedication and awareness to create a green home, however, environmentally responsible consumers have only to visit home decor online stores to find the support they need with a wide selection of home decor items produced from sustainable natural materials.

Tips for sustainable home decoration

1. Salvaging, reusing, reclaiming and repurposing: Waste reduction is a green initiative to support a healthier environment and results in a decreased demand for goods which, in turn, reduces the amount of natural resources and energy manufacturers need to produce new items. Instead of being discarded in the trash bin, many old household items can be freshened up with a new coat of paint or find other uses after being repurposed. When items made from recycled materials are produced and purchased it also keeps trash out of landfills and reduces the consumer’s carbon footprint.

2. Choose renewable and natural materials: Rapidly renewable materials such as bamboo, cork and wheat are the best resources for use in the home. With a daily growth rate of as much as 100 cm, once harvested, bamboo in particular has the ability to renew itself in less than a year. Although bamboo can last a very long time it can completely biodegrade once thrown away, unlike non-biodegradable plastics and other materials.

3. Materials produced and harvested locally: You can purchase locally crafted home decor products at many home decor online shops. Since these products that are cultivated and/or created nearby they require less fossil fuel usage and transportation to make it to consumers’ homes.

4. Nontoxic materials: Although paint’s mainly used to attractively finish many home decor items, it can be detrimental to the environment. Oil based types are particularly bad with the ability of their VOC and other chemical content to evaporate at room temperature. Other harmful substances used in the production of home accents are plasticisers used for soften plastic and adhesives. It’s best to bypass plastic goods and purchase bamboo products and other natural materials instead.

5. Minimalist theme: A soothing, calm home is usually a clutter free home. Limit the range of items in a room to a few furnishings and unique accents such as boldly printed cushions and elegant bamboo bowls. Dark wood, bamboo and similar natural materials are often used in this design concept. Bamboo lends an especially relaxing vibe as a simple but exotic luxury when used in the creation of accents and furnishings.

An eco-friendly home doesn’t need to be bland, give it a stylish air by decorating its spaces with items produced from sustainable natural materials. Bamboo bowls can be used for display or as attractive fruit or salad bowls. Black or white bamboo trays can be used for serving tea and sandwiches, these and more items are available at Pitaya House decor online store.

It is Always Exciting to Find Out About the New Trends in Home Decorating

Every year there are new trends in home decor and with today’s uncertain economy, this year’s trends are a little more subtle. Unlike previous years, accessories are less showy, opulent and more organic and down to earth with beautiful handiwork, natural textures and colors. A simple but inexpensive trend is throw pillows with natural elements such as raffia, shells and wooden beads sewn on or pillows and throws with a repeated botanical theme or large leaf patterns. After being out of style for well over ten years, wallpaper is gradually coming back into style this year but not with stripes or garish patterns. Instead, wallpapers new look is very big patterns, bold scenes or abstract wall murals such as a country scene that are not overpowering but make a statement. This year, gold touches are trendy with accessories such as a rim of gold leaf on a vase or glass bowl in style and silver out.

People are more environmentally aware than ever before and are choosing design elements such as bamboo because it grows approximately two feet daily so is a renewable resource. Instead of wood flooring, many homeowners are selecting beautiful, highly durable bamboo flooring. Bamboo furniture such as chairs, tables, sofas and accessories including bamboo picture frames, vases, bowls and kitchenware continue to be a popular new trend. Materials that mimic the natural elements of nature, such as bamboo and wood are very fashionable and continue to increase in popularity. You can find these designs on everything from lampshades to rugs, window shades and other accessories.

Cozy comfort is another new home-decorating trend this year with more colorful, vibrant rooms featuring over-stuffed, upholstered furniture such as second hand sofas, chairs and antiques found at estate sales, flea markets, secondhand furniture stores and even garage sales. Homeowners can create comfortable, relaxing rooms without giving up beauty or elegance. Room divider screens that are functional, beautiful and decorative are coming back into style. Part of their new popularity is that they make lovely home accent pieces of furniture, are often used in studio apartments or one-room workspaces to give people the sense of a divided or separate room and define living spaces. Anything handcrafted or homemade is in style and many creative, arty people have come up with other uses for room dividers such as headboards.

When it comes to color and new trends in home decorating and choosing colors for patio furniture cushions or patio umbrellas, there are several color trends emerging such as warm colors including oranges and browns. After quite a few years of not being popular when it came to home decorating, these colors are now resurfacing along with green, navy and deep teal hues. Other popular new trend colors that are becoming more common for patio umbrellas are mineral-like tones such as blacks and light and dark grays. The days of boring eggshell and white walls are gone for now and replaced with beautiful, bold colors including light green, mocha, and brick red walls.

How Home Decor Can Extend To Add Color And Character To The Outdoors

What was the first thing you did when you moved into your home? You probably started by painting the walls to colors other that white that you found more soothing and welcoming. Then, you probably started adding bits and pieces of home decor that brought out your personality and lifestyle and started pulling the house together to create a home. After you finished with the interior, though, did you make it any further? Have you ever thought about adding garden decor to your lawn to extend your own personal flavor to the garden, much like you did inside your home?

Using your creative juices to add garden furniture and ornaments that are conducive to your style can bring color and character to the outside part of your abode. Remember, your home is more that just the interior, so your home decor should extend to the entire property, including your personal lawn and garden. You should feel comfortable and at peace in your yard just as if it were a room in your home. That means furnishing the back yard with home garden furniture and ornaments that are pleasant to the eye, as well as seating that can make you and any visitors comfortable when entertaining outdoors.

Home decor is about personality and personal style preferences. In most rooms of the house, you have probably opted for a specific decorative theme that pulls all the furniture and home decor together. Consider your garden another room in the house, and make your design with garden decor a continuation of yourself within that space. Don’t worry what others think – after all, you did exactly as you pleased within your home. Perhaps you are concerned with the beautification of the yard because neighbors and passers-by can see this particular “room” and its home decor. However, just as you chose your living room design where you invite people into your home and your life, you will be choosing the home garden decor that is within your range of taste to show the world just who you are.

You have just as many options with garden decor as you do with interior home decor. Just as you can paint a room any of thousands of colors, there are patio furniture sets in hundreds of colors, fountains in a rainbow of varieties, and smaller home garden ornaments in brilliant colors to bring vibrant life to your once ordinary lawn and garden. You can add character as well with quirky garden decor, including pieces like cartoon character statuettes, scrap metal sculptures, and even mischievous little garden gnomes, an old favorite.

When you have completed your garden design, you should feel as comfortable about the garden ornaments, furniture, and accent pieces in your lawn/patio as you do with the home decor in any other room of your house. The yard is really just an extension of the home, which you paid for when you bought the property. As long as you are customizing the home decor, you should be sure not to forget the garden decor, since this will often be your “home away from home”, where you’ll take your daily vacation and simply leave the real world for a bit of peace and solitude in a world of color and imagination that you’ve created.