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Lake and Pond Maintenance: Healthier Water With Less Effort

A lake or pond is a value-boosting addition if it is properly maintained. Any homeowner with their own water feature of this type cannot afford to ignore its care and hope that nature provides what it needs. When this happens, it is very common for the water to become uninhabitable for most wildlife and visually unappealing. It is a risk that could reduce the value of the land and destroy the enjoyment the feature may have provided. Aeration is a simple solution that every landowner should take the time to learn more about.

Keep Water Clean

Aeration is a necessity for preventing the overgrowth of algae in the water. There are various forms of algae that grow when the levels of certain nutrients become too abundant. Over time the algae can cover the bottom and the surface of the water and block out sunlight, kill off oxygen levels and crowd out fish and other creatures.

Maintain Water Safety

Low oxygen levels make it impossible for fish to survive. Some types of algae have an unpleasant smell and irritate the skin. The installation of pond and lake fountains helps to prevent the algae growth and adds oxygen to the water. This keeps the fish healthier and makes the water safer for people that want to wade, swim or fish. Elimination of the algae also prevents the unpleasant smells that could discourage people from being near the water.

Add More Appeal

Aerations systems combined with fountains protect the water and add a fun feature at the same time. There are many different designs available that make them useful for any look the homeowner wants to create. Small windmills work perfectly for rustic themes and modern homes can add fountains that include multiple spray patterns and lights for a beautiful display during the day and at night.

Fountains are entertaining but boosting the water quality is an even bigger benefit. Once a system is installed it requires only a minimal amount of maintenance to keep the water looking its best. Lake and pond owners that plan to stock fish or want to entice birds or other wildlife to their property must include this product to make their feature successful.