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An Easy Guide For Coping With The Empty Nest Syndrome

The beautiful and really memorable moments of our lives are those we spend making a home out of a house. This is often a slow process turning from years into decades. Think of the task of turning that structure of wood, stone and brick into a place of love, laughter, fun, tantrums and tears all of which will form the fond memories. We see at home the children grow into adults of dreams, aspirations, hopes and take on life’s responsibilities of their own.

These children of ours will definitely leave home for several reasons. When they reach the stage of going for college studies, the children will have to leave home and start a life away from us. Or else it may just be the time that the grown members of the family will need to start families of their own and as such move on with their lives. Certainly at such times there will be a shift in the family dynamics. You will have for yourself so much space that you may not actually need or possibly afford. For the single parent, this means a lot more. These are some basic guidelines for coping with the empty nest syndrome. The ideas presented here will also go a long way to help you have some spares and savings for which you can use in other areas which may serve to make your life a bit more of fun.

Consider purging the house possessions with a yard sale. There will be in your possessions and the house those items and possessions that were used by your grownups which will not be necessary after such times. These will be those things we happened to acquire in the times of raising the children. They were certainly needful then. However with the changes that we have experienced in our circumstances these may not be as necessary. Those which will prove so unnecessary will be offered for a yard sale or placed on ebay. Only retain those which may remain truly memorable to you or the children. For this reason it is therefore important that you do a consultation with your children to have their opinion on those which they may be so sentimentally attached to.

The next move to help cope with this situation, is taking a downsize decision. This move may prove the smartest ever taken to help you out of the situation confronting you. Your circumstances no longer qualify the need for a large apartment. As well the support you may have been receiving from the children with rent payments, utility bills settlement, and other financial need support may no longer be available. In such cases then it remains viable to make a downsizing move.